How to point subdomain to another host?

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Have you ever need to host your subdomain to another host?

Sometime you might be need to separate hosting for your subdomain. Recently i asked this form one of my client. They have a new contact with Luxamoon. Luxamoon offering digital card with map for tourist in Barcelona. And they ask me for new domain to live their project. So, We need to buy a new domain for them. But problem is,they need this application run on their host.   In that case, I am thinking why we need a different domain? Rather then buying a new domain, we can work with subdomain. And point D.N.S to their ( Luxamoon) hosting provider. Its sound is so simple! Yes!! Right 🙂 i can show you in this post how you can point subdomain to another host?   Another scenario is, Suppose you have a heavy traffic on your side. Or you might need a optimize hosting for your WordPress blog. In Spain webempresa is offering optimize hosting plan for WordPress.
I am discussing here , how you can host your subdomain to another host?
Sign in to your Webempresa cPanel. Then edit DNS advanced (zona DNS avanzado). After that select your subdomain. Then you will see all your regester subdomain. After that edit this subdomain DNS addresss. For example,You hosting service provider has 94.XX.XX.XX. So this you gonna update to webempresa. If you have hosting in godaddy , Then its also similar process. There is a solutions on Stackoverflow   There is a video tutorial. Hope its helps all. 🙂