How to point subdomain to another host?

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Have you ever need to host your subdomain to another host?

Sometime you might be need to separate hosting for your subdomain. Recently i asked this form one of my client. They have a new contact with Luxamoon. Luxamoon offering digital card with map for tourist in Barcelona. And they ask me for new domain to live their project. So, We need to buy a new domain for them. But problem is,they need this application run on their host.   In that case, I am thinking why we need a different domain? Rather then buying a new domain, we can work with subdomain. And point D.N.S to their ( Luxamoon) hosting provider. Its sound is so simple! Yes!! Right 🙂 i can show you in this post how you can point subdomain to another host?   Another scenario is, Suppose you have a heavy traffic on your side. Or you might need a optimize hosting for your WordPress blog. In Spain webempresa is offering optimize hosting plan for WordPress.
I am discussing here , how you can host your subdomain to another host?
Sign in to your Webempresa cPanel. Then edit DNS advanced (zona DNS avanzado). After that select your subdomain. Then you will see all your regester subdomain. After that edit this subdomain DNS addresss. For example,You hosting service provider has 94.XX.XX.XX. So this you gonna update to webempresa. If you have hosting in godaddy , Then its also similar process. There is a solutions on Stackoverflow   There is a video tutorial. Hope its helps all. 🙂
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Youtube video embedding options

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YouTube video embedding is now so easy then ever. Today i am discussing few techniques on embedding options. You can get your youtube video embed code from youtube website. Just follow 3 steps. 1st : Go to the YouTube video you want to embed 2nd: Click ‘Share’ under the video 3rd : click Embed . Now copy this code with ctrl + c . And paste it anywhere in your website.
<pre><code class="language-css"> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0"></iframe></code></pre>
This so simple ! Ah! 🙂 Ok,, Now lets do some customization . 1. Video AutoPlay : For adding autoplay option on your video, just add this piece of code :
2.Stop showing related video : if need to stop showing related video, then add this :
3. Change degault youtube video theme : For adding light theme on your video just add : theme=light 4. Hide control Button : For hiding control button , add this code :
5. Remove branding logo: Sometime we need to remove youtube branding logo. this piece of code remove branding logo from video :
6. Embedding playlist : Sometime we need to embed playlist in our website. If you still don’t have your playlist ,, then you need to create a list. This is simple. 1st goto youtube video, 2nd : on bottom click on Add to . then create a list folder , and save your all video in same list. Now, follow same as above mention. copy your iframe embed code .. you will see a new parameter like :
Second parameter is your playlist video id And Finally to use different options in together just need
tag,For example :now we want light theme and stop related video,then
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//;showinfo=0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Total result look like this:
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Why you need a Website?

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There are still people wondering whether their business really needs a website. Or they say: we do not have a business, but a not-for-profit organization: should we have a website? Definitely! I could easily come up reasons why you need a website:

1. Promote Your Products

A website allows you to showcase your products for everyone to see. You can explain the benefits, compare it with other products, or show testimonials of happy customers that already bought the product.

2. Promote Your Services

It is hard to showcase services in a store, or office. The web allows you to introduce the service, the professionals providing the service, and how several services can complement each other.

3. Promote Your Organization

People buy from people. People support organizations and causes that they believe in. A website is a fantastic tool to promote an organization and build trust – that is, if you do it right… A well-developed website can convey trust and credibility, making people to buy from you, or support you.

4. Promote Yourself

Whether you are a professional looking for a job, or an expert in your industry: you can show that to the whole world by having a comprehensive website. The use of an associated email address also increases perceived professionalism: a letter from someone at will certainly open more doors than an email from a hotmail account.

5. Promote Your Ideas

Political campaigns are now all over the web. A website can be a powerful way to promote your ideas, and build a following of like-minded people. Or you can just write online journals (“blogs”) to ventilate some of your thoughts and concerns.

6. Promote Your Events

Have a fundraising event? Want to promote your business with seminars, workshops or a trade show? You will increase awareness when you create a website for the event. Show dates, programs, prices and driving directions – to name but a few features that will be greatly appreciated by your target audience.

7. Sell Your Events

Want to take it a step further? You may even want to consider selling (or pre-ordering) tickets for your events on a website. Shorter line-ups, less expenses: it sounds like a good idea to me… and selling service .. making a good relation with client..and many more..